How EthStorage Works

The EthStorage network consists of two main components:

  1. A storage contract deployed on the Ethereum L1 responsible for on-chain fee distribution and Proof of Storage verification.

  2. An L2 storage network composed by es-nodes, responsible for off-chain data storage replicas and prove via continuous DA sampling.

This is a rough overview of how it works:

Step 1/5

Users upload their data to an application contract, which then interacts with the EthStorage contract to store the data.

Step 2/5

In the EthStorage L2 network, storage providers receive notifications about data awaiting storage.

Step 3/5

Storage providers download data from the Ethereum data availability network.

Step 4/5

Storage providers submit storage proof to L1, proving a substantial number of replicas in the L2 networks.

Step 5/5

The EthStorage contract rewards the storage provider who successfully submits the storage proof.

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